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Patty Djan Inc.

Mission Statement

Providing niche management consulting to create the Consortia Advantage:  Empowering doctors to build their own investigator networks for the benefit of clinical research and the advancement of pharmaceuticals the world over enabling better disease management and improved quality of life.

Established in 1999 with offices in Toronto, Canada, Patty Djan Inc. (PDI) builds investigator networks, or research consortia. PDI has a unique offering that delivers a successful start-up and has a proven track record to ensure that the Consortium will be sustainable and profitable.

Bridging the medical community and pharmaceutical industry, PDI’s main product is the ConsortiaKit – Blueprints for Investigator Networks. The ConsortiaKit, used in combination with an array of consulting services, shapes clinical trial specialists into wholly owned private corporations.

Research Consortia are member owned and operated. The ConsortiaKit templates customize each Consortium to meet the network’s academic profile.

Using very little start-up capital, PDI can establish your network, and generate significant revenue for your business.




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